Say bye bye to this one.


Once upon a time

Good news everyone.

No, really. I mean it.

Once upon a time there lived a Kylee.

Here she is drinking elmo juice and having issues taking a poo.

Well she worked for a company.
And there was this boy.
Who was obviously very sad that mother was gone all the time.
So Kylee told her company NO MORE.
And walked out the door and then BAM
just like that they offered her a part time position from HOME.


And they all live happily ever after.


What to do?

My boss informed me that "things will be changing for the account management team."

I'll be needing to work later hours, and they will no longer allow any time off unless it is set in advance using my paid time off. Or it might affect advancement or employment.
I have already given my all to be with this company. I came into it thinking I could be making at least 13 an hour and that I could have an early or 36 hour a week schedule.
I stayed, even when they couldn't make anything work for me. I had to deal with the lower wage and settle for hours that they had already.
They said they were flexible and always willing to work around family.
I have yet to see it.
It might be just today, and my fatigue, but I hate call centers and I don't belong here anymore.
I want to do something hands on. What I have liked about my previous jobs are the hands on parts. This one is all talk. Even though each phone call only takes around 5 minutes, it is a waste of my time. My creativity is getting dusty. My son is being watched by someone else. I am using up gas, money, a huge chunk of my time, for this.
If I am not careful, I will overlook it all and realize I am working in a nightmare.

If I could make money doing these things, my life would be at its highest:

-Spokesperson for a huge Tech Blog
-Dance Instructing
-Publishing Children's Books
-Fashion&textiles Design
-A job that involves typing ONLY
-An Editor/Magazine owner
-Health and Wellness Coach
-Physical Therapy Assistant
-Something cool on etsy.com that gets big

These are things I am capable of doing, after a bit of practice, research and putting myself out there. Only problem is money is not high for a lot of these. Unless I am one of those "lucky" success stories.

I dunno, any ideas, anyone?
Sometimes I hate being the creative type.
It is really hard for us in the working world.
I just want to be doing what I love, and not for pennies.


The Quarantine

When I first started working here, I noticed everyone was calling a certain desk the Quarantine. Broken pieces of who knows what lay across it. Dust piled up in little mini-mountains.
I laughed at what they had to say about it on a daily basis. If I would have known it was my future cubicle, I might have covered my ears and derived my attention. Naivety is a good thing.

The day they were hooking up my computer, they went under the desk to plug it in, and came back out with handfuls of garbage. A boy next to my cubicle pointed and laughed, saying, "Poo flakes!" I didn't get it either. I still found it painful.

Over time, I learned the real reason it was called "The Quarantine" is because everyone that gets hired on and assigned to the desk does not last more than a month.
Not only that, but these people have all been mysteriously killed in automobile accidents.
They are linked, each one involving a motorcycle, a semi and a llama.

Alright. So I lied about everyone dying and getting into crashes.
But wouldn't that be so AWESOME?
I'm going to hell.


I Got Owned.

I didn't eat the cake.
I ate 3 cookies.

Yesterday AND today.

If I try such an act ever again, do me a favor and remind me that I am not the cookie lover I once thought I was.


Brain=Sunny Side Up

Translation: Brain is fried.
I am dysfunctional this week.
I need to be making phone calls off of my 40+ sheets of paper.
I estimate each page has around 14 offices.
That's 40x14= roughly 560 phone calls.
If I make 10 a day...
It will take me 3 months.
Progress people, PROGRESS, it is a grand thing.

I skipped breakfast today, in a hurry.
I feel so hungry that I could be that child sitting on the nice man's lap who is saying "For just 20 cents a day...you can SAVE this starving child..."
Also, I get 2 dollars to spend on lunch today, and there is a chocolate cake on the menu here that is just that price.
I am hoping to have some control over myself in this matter.
So far, I feel the best way to keep me from devouring the moist item is to simply eat the 2 dollars in my pocket.
Pretty sure they are low cal, no?



All blog entries will be deleted shortly.
I am upgrading this blog from "Let's watch kylee type about nothing forever and ever"
to "All Things Awesome"
Basically shorter and sweeter posts.

I might change my mind.
But I am guessing not.
I am trying to teach myself to get on with the point in what I want to say.
I use too much "fluff."



(This post was made last week but I wanted to publish it anyways.)
(Vegas pictures coming soon...)

@ work.
All I can think about: Vegas, vegas, VEGAS.

Soon I will be skipping and holding hands while kissing Dennis.
We will be stuffing our faces and getting fat.
Oh, the buffets!
I have lost an inch this month.
That means I can gain an inch this week and no one will ever notice.
[Best plan eva.]

I was with Alison and Jeni, my crazy besties I grew up with.
I had to bring Kai who was destroying the world pretty much the whole time.

Us 3 were so messy and always into trouble as kids.
-someone left behind a chew container on our camp, we had a burying ritual and had to shake our heads when they came back looking for it.
-jumping in ponds, going back to camp, our parents asking "why are you wet?" "huh? oh, I dunno..."
-marker fights
-going to church the next day with marker stains all over
-pen fights [owww]
-four wheelers stuck in mud
-3 showers just to get sandies from the dunes out of our hair
-silly string fights
-spilling sacrament water
-making cookies with mt. dew, salsa, you name it
-balloon fights
-snake hunting
-chasing chickens in a coop
-sign language we made up for every bodily function
-ALWAYS creaming whoever fell asleep first
-catching crawdads and flipping them back in...(crawdad olympics!)
-teasing washed up jellyfish
-the dump we came across on a four wheel drive, bringing back small stuff to be funny, Jeni's brother coming back with a broken bike pulling a wagon of items behind.
-spitting at carp in lake powell and watching them eat it
-throwing rocks at someone's boat and them yelling at us

And this was just the beginning.
Here is to our messy days that I got away with as a child.


GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (Did I get it this time?)

Answer all that apply:

a) I completely misquoted Professor on my last post.
b) Alison hates me because I am black.
c) I just farted in my cubicle. This would be a great time for people to NOT walk by.

Did I mention that I don't like Kai's daycare, at all? I am so nervous that he will be going there a second time today. I am miserable about it. The last time I dropped him off, I wasn't even being picky or trying to find something wrong. I just did, and that is the worst part.

First off, the building is gated off in every direction, which is for safety reasons, but it honestly feels like an f-ing prison.

It's cluttered. And those who know me know I don't do clutter.

The baby room is dark and all the babies in there were just staring off into space. The lady was just standing randomly in the room while one baby was laying on the floor, one was on a swing, and a little girl was sitting in a chair looking like she might kill over of boredom. My thought was to turn around and run away, screaming "You're the DEVIL!"

...But I didn't.

Or I might have for two seconds, but was so quick she never saw me move.

I left him there. I watched him stare at the lady with incredible fear. He really was scared and Kai is not like that. I walked away with a terrible feeling in my gut that didn't leave all day.

We are paying mucho monies for it too. I think we are crazy.

I awoke this morning with an incredible idea. I think I am going to make a blog just for kai. Just update it for him and then at the end of the year, make it all into a book about his first year. It would be the cutest keepsake, way awesomer than a simple scrapbook or journal. This is like, so totally both.
I can't decide if I should delete this one and use it. It is just my ramblings on here but I like it.

OR maybe a family blog?
Holy Moley so many ideas!

Comments, questions, ideas????

Well I better go answer the phones now. Oh wait, I haven't received a call yet and I have been here an hour. Tee hee. Wee wah.
Chicka chicka yeah.


Good News!

Ok so there isn't really good news.
It is just something Professor always says on the beginning of Futurama.
But there isn't bad news either, so how 'bout that.

Life sure has its ups and downs, doesn't it?

Things are going pretty good lately. Yes I did rant on my last visit.
I rant from time to time.
P.S. I am human.

My new job is going good, I think. I have been sitting and sitting.
For the past week and a day. I think I am finally going on the phones tomorrow.
That would be sweet. I'll have a panic attack for the first few calls but then I am sure to get the hang of it.

I have a desk.
It is known as "The Quarantine."
It is because of the spazzy light that flickers above it.
If I pass you on the street and one eye is twitching terribly and I seem a bit off balance...you will know why.

Kai's crying never ends these days.
It is really getting to me. I get home from work so pumped and excited to be with him.
And then, oh gosh, the noise. He is in the other room screaming. Dennis and I have done everything to help him. He doesn't sound frantic, just demanding.
Love him so.

There was a near fatal incident at our house today. Dennis was holding Kai and walking down the stairs. I turn my back and heard Dennis yell, "Whoa, Ahhh, Owww..." followed by a loud thump thump crash. I run to the stairs, wailing (I have never HEARD my voice so loud and freaked out, it was like I was singing opera while running from the Big Bad Wolf) and yes, I did find Dennis in a crumpled heap on the stairs, BUT Kai was still in his arms and looked alive. (That was all I was praying for at the moment.)
Kai broke out in tears. He wouldn't look at Dennis.
I broke out in tears. I was shaking intensely and holding Kai tightly.
Dennis was hugging both of us while massaging his massively bruised bum cheek.

This concludes my day.
Kai has finally winded down.
I am printing an awesome picture that will most likely go in our downstairs bathroom.
It is one that Dennis took in the canyon.

I know I am not black enough to say this, but I want to say it anyways...
Love peace and chicken grease.