Brain=Sunny Side Up

Translation: Brain is fried.
I am dysfunctional this week.
I need to be making phone calls off of my 40+ sheets of paper.
I estimate each page has around 14 offices.
That's 40x14= roughly 560 phone calls.
If I make 10 a day...
It will take me 3 months.
Progress people, PROGRESS, it is a grand thing.

I skipped breakfast today, in a hurry.
I feel so hungry that I could be that child sitting on the nice man's lap who is saying "For just 20 cents a day...you can SAVE this starving child..."
Also, I get 2 dollars to spend on lunch today, and there is a chocolate cake on the menu here that is just that price.
I am hoping to have some control over myself in this matter.
So far, I feel the best way to keep me from devouring the moist item is to simply eat the 2 dollars in my pocket.
Pretty sure they are low cal, no?


alison said...

ew ky, don't eat the money. if you're that hard up for food, just gimme a call, I can share the mac and cheese I'll be eating for dinner tonight...

MiTzi said...

lol ur too funny