(This post was made last week but I wanted to publish it anyways.)
(Vegas pictures coming soon...)

@ work.
All I can think about: Vegas, vegas, VEGAS.

Soon I will be skipping and holding hands while kissing Dennis.
We will be stuffing our faces and getting fat.
Oh, the buffets!
I have lost an inch this month.
That means I can gain an inch this week and no one will ever notice.
[Best plan eva.]

I was with Alison and Jeni, my crazy besties I grew up with.
I had to bring Kai who was destroying the world pretty much the whole time.

Us 3 were so messy and always into trouble as kids.
-someone left behind a chew container on our camp, we had a burying ritual and had to shake our heads when they came back looking for it.
-jumping in ponds, going back to camp, our parents asking "why are you wet?" "huh? oh, I dunno..."
-marker fights
-going to church the next day with marker stains all over
-pen fights [owww]
-four wheelers stuck in mud
-3 showers just to get sandies from the dunes out of our hair
-silly string fights
-spilling sacrament water
-making cookies with mt. dew, salsa, you name it
-balloon fights
-snake hunting
-chasing chickens in a coop
-sign language we made up for every bodily function
-ALWAYS creaming whoever fell asleep first
-catching crawdads and flipping them back in...(crawdad olympics!)
-teasing washed up jellyfish
-the dump we came across on a four wheel drive, bringing back small stuff to be funny, Jeni's brother coming back with a broken bike pulling a wagon of items behind.
-spitting at carp in lake powell and watching them eat it
-throwing rocks at someone's boat and them yelling at us

And this was just the beginning.
Here is to our messy days that I got away with as a child.


MiTzi said...

HOW WAS VEGAS? So jealous that you both got to go! I hope you had a great time!
I hope you still plan on having AJ's mom watch Kai. She is excited, and really wants to! We all gotta go to her house to chat about it...soon, mmmk!
Love ya! XO XO XO

alison said...

I my goodness Kylee!! I am SO GLAD you remember these things, because I forget, and this blog totally made my day. I about fell on the floor laughing... oh the spilled sacrament water and the burried chew... I miss it all.