GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (Did I get it this time?)

Answer all that apply:

a) I completely misquoted Professor on my last post.
b) Alison hates me because I am black.
c) I just farted in my cubicle. This would be a great time for people to NOT walk by.

Did I mention that I don't like Kai's daycare, at all? I am so nervous that he will be going there a second time today. I am miserable about it. The last time I dropped him off, I wasn't even being picky or trying to find something wrong. I just did, and that is the worst part.

First off, the building is gated off in every direction, which is for safety reasons, but it honestly feels like an f-ing prison.

It's cluttered. And those who know me know I don't do clutter.

The baby room is dark and all the babies in there were just staring off into space. The lady was just standing randomly in the room while one baby was laying on the floor, one was on a swing, and a little girl was sitting in a chair looking like she might kill over of boredom. My thought was to turn around and run away, screaming "You're the DEVIL!"

...But I didn't.

Or I might have for two seconds, but was so quick she never saw me move.

I left him there. I watched him stare at the lady with incredible fear. He really was scared and Kai is not like that. I walked away with a terrible feeling in my gut that didn't leave all day.

We are paying mucho monies for it too. I think we are crazy.

I awoke this morning with an incredible idea. I think I am going to make a blog just for kai. Just update it for him and then at the end of the year, make it all into a book about his first year. It would be the cutest keepsake, way awesomer than a simple scrapbook or journal. This is like, so totally both.
I can't decide if I should delete this one and use it. It is just my ramblings on here but I like it.

OR maybe a family blog?
Holy Moley so many ideas!

Comments, questions, ideas????

Well I better go answer the phones now. Oh wait, I haven't received a call yet and I have been here an hour. Tee hee. Wee wah.
Chicka chicka yeah.


Dave and Julie Neal said...

Make one for Kai....but dont erase this one! I like to read your ramblings.. :) If I didnt have to work I would watch Kai. Maybe when I have the baby I can watch him a couple times a week or so... Maybe. We will have to see how I am, you know, sane or insane! Anywho... I want to come swim at your pool....what time do you get home from work? TTYL..
LOVE your fav sis in law! :)

Luv you!

alison said...

a, b (not hate,just discriminate), and c are all correct...? PS. I'm calling you tonight to tell you about some news that I'm not entirely sure about... and then we're going to plan a time to hang out like...like a booger...

MiTzi said...

Well making a blog just for Kai would be awesome! But if you do that, don't erase this one! Or just turn this one into a family blog!
Oh and about the hike i went on, COME W/ ME SOMETIME! We could all go together even. Lets go swimming too! Lets do something active.