Good News!

Ok so there isn't really good news.
It is just something Professor always says on the beginning of Futurama.
But there isn't bad news either, so how 'bout that.

Life sure has its ups and downs, doesn't it?

Things are going pretty good lately. Yes I did rant on my last visit.
I rant from time to time.
P.S. I am human.

My new job is going good, I think. I have been sitting and sitting.
For the past week and a day. I think I am finally going on the phones tomorrow.
That would be sweet. I'll have a panic attack for the first few calls but then I am sure to get the hang of it.

I have a desk.
It is known as "The Quarantine."
It is because of the spazzy light that flickers above it.
If I pass you on the street and one eye is twitching terribly and I seem a bit off balance...you will know why.

Kai's crying never ends these days.
It is really getting to me. I get home from work so pumped and excited to be with him.
And then, oh gosh, the noise. He is in the other room screaming. Dennis and I have done everything to help him. He doesn't sound frantic, just demanding.
Love him so.

There was a near fatal incident at our house today. Dennis was holding Kai and walking down the stairs. I turn my back and heard Dennis yell, "Whoa, Ahhh, Owww..." followed by a loud thump thump crash. I run to the stairs, wailing (I have never HEARD my voice so loud and freaked out, it was like I was singing opera while running from the Big Bad Wolf) and yes, I did find Dennis in a crumpled heap on the stairs, BUT Kai was still in his arms and looked alive. (That was all I was praying for at the moment.)
Kai broke out in tears. He wouldn't look at Dennis.
I broke out in tears. I was shaking intensely and holding Kai tightly.
Dennis was hugging both of us while massaging his massively bruised bum cheek.

This concludes my day.
Kai has finally winded down.
I am printing an awesome picture that will most likely go in our downstairs bathroom.
It is one that Dennis took in the canyon.

I know I am not black enough to say this, but I want to say it anyways...
Love peace and chicken grease.


alison said...

Not black enough!? More like you're as white as they come, babe... hehe. I'm glad Kai was okay too, that would have been terrifying.

Dennis said...

btw Professor says "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!" not "Good News!"


Dave and Julie Neal said...

I am glad to hear that they both made it alive! My mom called me and told me that he fell down that stairs with Kai in his arms. SCARY!! I just want to remind you Kylee that I LOVE YOU!!! :) Your fav sister in law!!

MiTzi said...

I think my mom has told the whole world that Dennis fell down the stairs while holding Kai... Tattle tail! hehehe