Once upon a time

Good news everyone.

No, really. I mean it.

Once upon a time there lived a Kylee.

Here she is drinking elmo juice and having issues taking a poo.

Well she worked for a company.
And there was this boy.
Who was obviously very sad that mother was gone all the time.
So Kylee told her company NO MORE.
And walked out the door and then BAM
just like that they offered her a part time position from HOME.


And they all live happily ever after.


Cali said...

Yayy!! I'm so glad that worked out better.

MiTzi said...

aw poor Kai, what was he so sad about?
and whats this i hear about u going to part time? are u not going to need aj's mom? thats so good that u can be with Kai more!

Dave and Julie Neal said...

That picture of Kai makes me so sad!! I love that lil guy!! Anyways, how exciting that you get to work from home now!! YIPPY!!

alison said...

Oh Kylee! This really is good news. Some of the best I've heard in a while. I'm really excited for you to work at home. Yessss!