What to do?

My boss informed me that "things will be changing for the account management team."

I'll be needing to work later hours, and they will no longer allow any time off unless it is set in advance using my paid time off. Or it might affect advancement or employment.
I have already given my all to be with this company. I came into it thinking I could be making at least 13 an hour and that I could have an early or 36 hour a week schedule.
I stayed, even when they couldn't make anything work for me. I had to deal with the lower wage and settle for hours that they had already.
They said they were flexible and always willing to work around family.
I have yet to see it.
It might be just today, and my fatigue, but I hate call centers and I don't belong here anymore.
I want to do something hands on. What I have liked about my previous jobs are the hands on parts. This one is all talk. Even though each phone call only takes around 5 minutes, it is a waste of my time. My creativity is getting dusty. My son is being watched by someone else. I am using up gas, money, a huge chunk of my time, for this.
If I am not careful, I will overlook it all and realize I am working in a nightmare.

If I could make money doing these things, my life would be at its highest:

-Spokesperson for a huge Tech Blog
-Dance Instructing
-Publishing Children's Books
-Fashion&textiles Design
-A job that involves typing ONLY
-An Editor/Magazine owner
-Health and Wellness Coach
-Physical Therapy Assistant
-Something cool on etsy.com that gets big

These are things I am capable of doing, after a bit of practice, research and putting myself out there. Only problem is money is not high for a lot of these. Unless I am one of those "lucky" success stories.

I dunno, any ideas, anyone?
Sometimes I hate being the creative type.
It is really hard for us in the working world.
I just want to be doing what I love, and not for pennies.


Cali said...

You could get certified and be a personal trainer! I would hire you!

Cali said...

Frankly, that place sounds like crap

Kylee said...

personal trainer?
Sounds RAD!

Sign me up, uhm what?