The Quarantine

When I first started working here, I noticed everyone was calling a certain desk the Quarantine. Broken pieces of who knows what lay across it. Dust piled up in little mini-mountains.
I laughed at what they had to say about it on a daily basis. If I would have known it was my future cubicle, I might have covered my ears and derived my attention. Naivety is a good thing.

The day they were hooking up my computer, they went under the desk to plug it in, and came back out with handfuls of garbage. A boy next to my cubicle pointed and laughed, saying, "Poo flakes!" I didn't get it either. I still found it painful.

Over time, I learned the real reason it was called "The Quarantine" is because everyone that gets hired on and assigned to the desk does not last more than a month.
Not only that, but these people have all been mysteriously killed in automobile accidents.
They are linked, each one involving a motorcycle, a semi and a llama.

Alright. So I lied about everyone dying and getting into crashes.
But wouldn't that be so AWESOME?
I'm going to hell.


Cali said...



We are all going to hell. So don't even worry about it.


alison said...

HAHA! Kylee, it wouldn't be so awesome if you got stampeeded by an elephant, I'm glad you lied about that, but it was sure funny...